The Quiet Dome - LOW EMF HOUSING

This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on 11 acres is a beautiful, peaceful and unique home and is now used as a private residence.  Please do not disturb!  Please refer to the Contact Information Page for more information about the design and building process.  The following descriptions were used when the Dome was being rented through VRBO.  It is no longer being rented out.

Enjoy a peaceful residency on 11 acres of pristine forest in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Grass Valley, California, far away from city life with its hustle, toxic chemicals, and constant electrosmog. 

The house is unique in many ways: fire-resistant, earthquake proof, self heated and cooled, toxic free, electromagnetically quiet, and surrounded by a mature forest with a 12 month stream.  The entire view from the house consists of private forest that is part of the property.  

City life surrounds us with radio signals that can trigger EMH (Elecro Magnetic Hypersensitivity), a disease similar to allergies.  Each person's susceptibility varies so EMH is often misdiagnosed.  Common symptoms are insomnia, nausia, ear ringing, despondency, lowered libido, irritability, and more.  Well over 90% of cases are treated with symptom relief instead of avoiding the underlying irritant.  The Quiet Dome is nearly 100% free of electromagnetic signals and EMH symptoms commonly subside quickly or after a few day's stay. 

The dome surrounds you with the solitude of a pristine forest, remote stream, or isolated beach. The dome's relaxing feel comes from the absence of electromagnetic noise, the "torsion field" generated  by the forest and creek, and the steady supply of song birds.  The landscape is free of agricultural chemicals.

Though isolated, the dome is only 12 minutes from Grass Valley with its gold rush flavor, abundant supply of organic foods, complimentary health practitioners, and a "back to nature" culture.  Six minutes away is the historic Empire State Gold Mine (largest in California).  The Greenhorn River is half a mile away and Rollins Lake is 8 minutes away with boating, fishing, and swimming along its 26 mile shore line.  Thirty minutes up I80 is the winter skiing slopes of the high sierra, but since the dome is located at 2600 feet, a surprise overnight snow storm won't leave you stranded in a resort condo.  

Relationships can be strained by electromagnetic disease - with mood swings, memory impairment, and sudden outbursts.  The poison is invisible, and the symptoms intermittent.  If your partner has "changed" for no apparent reason, living without electrosmog may make a difference.  I have seen HUGE differences after only a day when the irritation is removed.  The dome is nearly as E&M silent as a south seas island, and with all the comforts of a conventional home.