CELL TOWERS NEAR THE QUIET DOME

When the US was electrified in the 1920's, the average life expectancy declined by 8 years (Sam Milham).  Diseases related to electrification included leukemia, heart attack, diabetes, depression, suicide, sudden aggression, and numerous others.  The main culprit was noise produced by electric generators.  Today, power generation is much cleaner, but we are surrounded by cell phones, cell towers, WiFi, Bluetooth, CF lights, microwave ovens, Smart Meters, and the list grows.  Because these devices are convenient and popular, political pressure favors them despite mounting evidence of harm.

The dome was built from its inception to be electromagnetically quiet.  The land is situated far from cell towers or WiFi.  Power to the house is filtered to remove harmful noise, and low EMF appliances, lighting, and wiring are used throughout.  The result is a "quiet feel" both inside the dome and hiking on the grounds - the same as experienced in virgin wilderness.  This is not only relaxing, but research has shown it is healthy.

Man evolved on a planet that was electromagnetically silent.  The only microwave radiation prehistoric man encountered was lightning.  Humans are not biologically resistant to microwaves, and research shows that some people REQUIRE an EMF silent environment to remain healthy. 

Electro Magnetic Hypersensitivity (EMH) has a medical evolution identical to allergies.  Before being allergic to ragweed, you can roll in it, but after becoming allergic, you can't be a mile down wind of it.  Like allergies, EMH can develop suddenly and produce inflammation, histamines, and a train wreck of collateral damage, just like allergies.  Sufferers know that inflammation damage persists long after the allergen is gone.  But EMH sufferers have no where to hide from microwaves in a modern city.

At age 15, my dentist installed a gold bridge next to seven existing mercury fillings.  For the next 35 years, I fought chronic food allergies that finally subsided when I had all mercury fillings removed.  No allergist, physician, or nutritionist ever tested me for mercury toxicity with an inexpensive hair test.  My body was fighting toxins in my food, so it was always exhausted, and I was constantly fighting residual inflammation from the latest reaction.  Physicians are not trained in basic toxicology and none tested me for common poisons in our food, homes, and bathrooms like: chlorinated hydrocarbons, dioxins, furans, and the like.  Likewise, physicians have no training in EMF disease, diagnosis, or treatment.  We can expect no help from cell carriers, power companies, or government.  Clearly,it is up to us. 

Staying at the dome resembles the standard treatment for allergies -- remove the irritant.  Some EMH victims can see remarkable progress after one night, most less than a week, while others require weeks - the disease varies widely.  But once detoxed, victims are far better at judging what therapies might help, such as nutritionists, chiropractors, energy healers, or acupuncturists.  That is also an ideal time to test for EMF frequency sensitivity, and design measures for their primary living environment. We can help make your home "Dome Quiet".

Some sensitives ware conductive clothing (from LessEMF) when encountering unexpected signals, and detox with vitamin C, hydration, and OTC anti-inflammatories like aspirin.  Others recommend bio photon machines (though the ones I have seen are big EMF emitters).  Some recommend medallions or magnets, though these have not helped other sensitive.  For now, avoidance is the  one method that has been reliable, but is not practical for many.  As we gain insights from dome residents, we will post them here. 

Often, chemical and EMF sensitivities go hand in hand, and the dome has been built with non-toxic materials.  In addition, the dome is very hostile to mold growth because the interior never condense water, a necessity for mold habitat.  It is far better to prevent mold growth than to treat an infestation with toxic chemicals.  The dome also councils residents to avoid fragrances while there, including soaps, detergents, conditioners, and the like.