Modern cities survive on electricity, fossil fuels, delivery trucks, and other outside resources.  Cities also need fire departments, flood control systems, disaster response teams, and are still vulnerable to power, water, or gas line failures.  Home owners need insurance to protect against property loss.  However, The Quiet Dome takes a different approach.

The dome has picture windows on its south face that look out on the view at the top of this page.  Those windows keep the dome warm in winter, and cool in summer - no fossil fuels are necessary.  A power outage in the dead of winter is a non-event at the dome.  


The dome's concrete shell is inherently earthquake resistant - and not because it has been seismically braced, but because strength is part of the design.  The same holds true for floods - concrete domes don't float in a 2 foot tsunami, but that will destroy most single family homes as we saw in Fukushima.  The dome is fireproof (NFPA II-B rated), and domes have survived urban fires that have devastated communities around them.  In short, domes are very self sufficient.

Urban homes are surrounded by electromagnetic smog from WiFii, cell towers, the grid, appliances -- nearly everywhere.  It silently invades your home, bedroom, and life.  Some of the worst offenders are "Smart" appliances, compact florescent lights, and microwave ovens, all big emitters of microwaves.  The dome has no WiFi (it has wired internet), no cell towers within 2 miles, clean power (harmonics are filtered out), and silent appliances (all lighting is low voltage).  In short, this house provides the comforts of home without the electosmog.

Pioneers lived off the land by enduring a harsh lifestyle.  The Quiet Dome uses the same natural resources as a pioneer's shack, but provides the resident a standard of living that modern visitors expect.  Towns built like this resist hazards that devastate normal homes like tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and the like.  By breaking our dependence on extensive infrastructure, we gain our own freedom.  

There are wall controls next to the wired telephone that turn off the Internet, turn on the loft fan (for night cooling), and put the fresh air ventilator into high or low (depending on interior dew point).  The entire house can be turned off from the breaker box in the utility room.  We found no dish washer or microwave oven that was EMF quiet, so we installed an OFF switch next to each.  These ALWAYS emit but are intermittently used, so sensitives should rig something like this in their home or apartment.