The Quiet Dome has been sold to a private party who will be a permanent resident.  Please do not disturb the new owner.  However, if you have questions about the technology used in building the Dome, don't hesitate to contact me!

If interested in EMF sensitivity or other health issues discussed on this website, please contact the Designer Owner at

Designer / Owner / Webmaster:  Rob States, M.S., P.E.

General Contractor: Stephen Becker, Pecision Design Builders  
Electrician: Jeremiah Theos, Theos Electric
Dome Address: 17223 You Bet Road, Grass Valley, CA 95945

Special Thanks: Featherbed and Bath, Mill Valley, CA

Dome Videos :
How to Park at the Dome

Waterfalls at the Dome

A Rare Snow Storm at the Dome

Rob's Overview of Electromagnetic Disease

Sites that discuss EMH disease include:
Less EMF
This site caries products for people with EMH, or their loved ones.

EMF Tutorial
The EMF overview starts at 18 minutes.

Dirty Power Tutorial
This covers "dirty power", a major problem with Smart Meters. 

Other EMF Quiet Housing
This site was started as a free referral site for EMF sensitives.  RECOMMENDED!