So far, here are some trends that pertain to many EMH Sensitives.

  1. Most sensitives have other complicating health conditions.  Some have a genetic defect in one or more detoxification pathways that can elevate toxins, and cause poor absorption of vitamins, typically B and folate.  Some also have chemical sensitivity, Lyme disease, or mold sensitivity. 
  2. Many have been sensitized by Smart Meters, though not all.
  3. Most allopathic physicians have been useless or destructive.  Klinghardt in Oregon has been helpful, and likewise Bigelsen in Grass Valley.  If you find a helpful physician, EMAIL ME!
  4. There is no consistent relief with nutrition or detoxification regiments.  This is clearly a fertile area but so far there is no magic bullet.  Just taking a bunch of supplements can backfire, so try one at a time. 

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Most modern cars, appliances, and apartments are EMF Loud, and unhealthy for sensitive or ANYONE, though many don't recognize the subtle signs of health damage.  The most universal advice is:

  1. Buy OLD
  2. Buy CHEAP

In cars, appliances, and most electronic devices, things built before 2005 do not have nonlinear power supplies or hidden Bluetooth.  The Dome's big screen TV is a 2004 Toshiba rear projection unit, and sensitives have stood RIGHT NEXT to it and not noticed it was on.  The unit has a linear power supply, and all the electron guns fire up and away from the audience.  These are commonly available on Craigslist for low prices.  They are big and clunky.

Appliances with lots of features are sure to have hidden transmitters and radiating circuit boards.  The Dome uses a low priced refrigerator that has a defrost cycle controlled by a timer.  There are NO circuit boards anywhere inside the unit.

The Dome could not find an EMF quiet dish washer, so we installed an OFF switch next to it.  Most of the time, you don't use your dish washer or microwave oven, but when they are powered, they transmit ALL THE TIME!

The best automobiles are Volvo or Toyota from the 1990's.  They both have cult followings so you can often find a mechanic that specializes in them.  My 1995 Toyota Corolla station wagon has 225,000 miles and still routinely passes California smog inspections.  It is unbelievably reliable and has ZERO transmitters. 

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Many people have asked for my advice on EMF cleaning their homes or apartments.  Here are some simple first steps.

  1. Buy a $15 Radio Shack "AM/FM Pocket Radio", tune it between AM stations, and poke the antenna next to wall outlets, lights, appliances etc.  The radio squawks when the antenna is near a radiator.   Eliminate all the radiators in your environment, either by changing them or unplugging them.
  2. Shield outside signals with 3 layers of aluminum foil stapled near the top of the wall and let it hang down to the floor.  This is crude but effective.  Home Depot carries rolls of "Reflectix" that also shield microwaves and only one layer is needed.  Overlap all edges. 
  3. SLEEP IN YOUR CAR.  If you wake up feeling awful, try sleeping in your car.  Drive around until you find a place that feels quiet, typically large parking lots, parks, or vacant lots.  Ground your car by putting a big nail in the ground and alligator clipping it to exposed metal like your door latch or negative battery cable.
  4. STETZER FILTERS. Have an electrician mount L1 and L2 wall plugs right next to your fuse box and plug in Stetzer filters.  These filters can help to quiet radiators in your house, but can backfire.  The best place for them is next to your fuse box. 
  5. LOOK FOR A BUILDING BIOLOGIST. These people have training in both chemical and EMF home treatments. 

EMF symptoms accumulate and degrade your thinking, decision making, and memory.  You want to recover enough to get help from your landlord, power company, or electrician.  EMF disease can be a deadly spiral that causes depression and mood swings, which interfere with your judgement.  Do one step at a time.  The steps above are inexpensive, important, and quick.  Aim for progressive improvement in your health. 

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As always, thanks for all you do, and namaste.